Back to Basics

Sometimes you just want a lovely knit.  For me, it was brought as an idea for my friend who blogs as shebicycles, who is helping out while her community recovers from Tornadoes in Tennessee. There is much misery, a terrible lack of coordination even though people mean well.  I tweeted her about knitting a prayer shawl, and got an enthusiastic response.

To Eyre1a

I had already been a part of a lovely conversation on Ravelry about the shawls in the Jane Eyre movie, and Carol Sunday came up with a lovely pattern, To Eyre, along with others.  Now there’s a KAL with folks knitting from a variety of patterns they desire.  A Jane Eyre style shawl should be a comfort to ones going through similar trials, I think.

To Eyre1b

Ah, the simplicity and cushiness of garter stitch, coupled with the workhorse of yarns – Cascade 22o heathers, in celery.  There’s something about wool that just is so soothing to knit (as long as you aren’t sensitive or allergic). It was a lightning-fast project, I just have to block it.

To Eyre1c

I’m also reading (again) Mary Thomas’ Knitting book.  I love the terminology (knitting pins instead of needles, over instead of yarn over), but the great details in the many knitting traditions is not to be missed.  Truly a gem of a book.  And I was reminded how to do a slash pocket on a sweater, so I’m including them in my next sweater!  Thanks, Mary.

Mary Thomas Knitting