A little bit of everything

I’ve been crossing between my fiber crafts in the last couple of days.

First, and mostly in my own head, I’m planning to spin for a pair of socks.  I’ve got this luscious pile of fiber to play with:
Fiber Pile1a

The center fiber is the base of the sock – Miss Babs BFL (it says it is a silk blend, but it’s not – Babs herself caught the problem at checkout at Stitches West).  I’m thinking of doing the pseudo rolags technique in the latest Spin Off magazine, using some of the other fibers – some BFL, maybe some merino – all for a some color punch (it is handspun, after all!).  Still in the playing in my head, but maybe I’ll get out that new KCL modular spindle and do a couple of test bits.

The knitting is progressing on a couple of fronts.  I’m knitting another pair of socks for a family friend heading somewhere to the Middle East.  The guy has SIZE 13 (!) feet.  Oh my.  That is a lot of foot.  I’ve done one, and in the middle of the foot for the other.


I also  started the eiki shawl (you want one, you know do you) with a lovely yarn from Scout’s Swag sock yarn club.  The color is totally on point for this spring, so I’m enthused about it.

Yesterday, feeling a bit guilty that I haven’t knit for afghans for afghans in a couple of months, I finally got out the dye pot to dye some of the yarn I was given a couple of years ago – I’m finally getting to the end of it – in blue-perwinkle-turquoise.  I’m kinda so-so on the yarn in the skeins – each one is different – but I think as a textured pullover, maybe with some more colors at the yoke, they will look just fine:
Dyed wool for a4a

But the best part was just playing around with some mohair that was part of the lot.  Here is is undyed:

Natural Mohair

and after I “painted” it with squeeze bottles full of dyes:
Dyed  Mohair

I love it when I play and something really cool happens!