Yak-ing It Up – The Knitting Edition

So, in the last post I talked about spinning up the Yak-Silk fiber.  This post will cover the knitting.

Since I only had a couple of ounces of lace/light fingering yarn, I knew this was going to end up a small project.  I had knit a cowl from the same colorway in the merino-silk fiber (a DK-ish 3 ply), so I decided on the Traveling Woman shawl.  This was my second time with this project, and I selected it because the designer provides formulas on changing up the pattern size.

While knitting, the project had that “handspun” and even a bit of the homemade quality:

Traveling Woman2a

But that all changed in the blocking.  I blocked pretty “aggressively” (stretched it a lot), because I figured the silk could take the stress, and I want to do the lovely points at the edge.

Traveling Woman2h

Traveling Woman2e

Traveling Woman2f

And the real beauty shot:

Traveling Woman2g

This is a light scarf, perfect for summer, with a slight ruffling as I wear it.
Yes, I have not woven in the ends yet. That’s tonight!