Snowpocalypse Watch

Our SF Bay Area has gone into overdrive with the predictions of snow. The San Francisco Chronicle dug out all the photos they could find in the archive about snow in the past. TV crews are already in the inner valleys showing us interesting and odd things like snow plows and piles of sand. My aquatics class today was trading info on how to protect citrus trees and other plants. We are on snowpocalypse watch!

Me, I’m working on the knitting – here’s a cute preemie hat with spring blooming outside the window:

Brioche Baby Hat2a

and I’m finishing up a baby sweater:

Buttons Baby Sweater 4a

It’s the Buttons sweater and one of my favorite baby sweaters, especially in the very cute washable tweed yarn that was originally suggested for the pattern, Naturally Magic Garden Buttons.
A lovely package also came today, some amazing yarn came in the club shipment for Scout’s Swag, appropriately named Citronella, so springlike! I’m in love! Maybe one of Rosemary Hill’s shawl patterns in it?

Citronella yarn

and about that snow forecast:


Yes, it’s cold, the wind is whipping up pretty good, but snow? Not so much today.