Enabling, the Stitches West Edition

“My name is Renee, and I may have bought some fiber.”

That’s what I said (or pretty close) after lunch on Saturday at Stitches West as I returned to my Spinning for Socks class with the lovely Janel Laidman.  It was that I bought all that much – two 4 oz. of top, and a couple of skeins of sale sock yarn doesn’t nearly qualify.  But I had helped my friend Liz quite a bit — I do have to admit that I probably enabled her more than she would have done on her own.

I might have even helped a friend not at Stitches buy yarn if I’d been more organized.  I was going to take photos of yarn she might want and send them to her for approval.  But I only managed to remember to take my camera out at Miss Babs with the Yowza skeins:


and then was too tired to send them until Saturday morning.  Sigh.  I shouldn’t have promised.

To be honest, I haven’t bought all that much at Stitches for a while.  A few years ago, I kinda went hog wild, and it took about three years for everything to disappear from my stash, and I even used some of the last of this during the last year.  That was a lesson that I learned – if I’m not going to use it soon (as in, the next couple of months) I probably should wait.

So, here’s the smallish haul from Stitches – I got a very cute Chica bag because I was filling up all the small project bags that I had, and a lovely mug from the Head to Toe preemie hat project organized by The Knitmore Girls.

Stitches West 2011 haul

And here’s a photo of the preemie hats, which come out to be very cute in sock yarn!

preemie hats 2

Edited to addPatterns used for these hats (ravelry links): Brioche Baby Hat, Elise Zigzag Baby Hat, and a simple 2-by-2 rib hat – I think I used Bev’s Baby Ribs Hat.

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Ah, I’ll add the link to the patterns – I mostly followed the Brioche Baby hat and Elise Zig-Zag hat patterns, then there’s a simple 2-by-2 ribbing hat.

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