KAL Readiness

I’m not a Knit-a-long (KAL) person in general. For so many decades, I knit without a knitting group; I engaged in what I call “monastic knitting”: I was the only knitter I knew, so it made little difference what I knit in terms of hanging with knitting peeps. I’m used to knitting to my own muse, without reference to jumping on the knitting bandwagon. Admittedly with the advent of the internet, etc. I have a whole lot of inspiration, but still, most of the time, I’m knitting to my own drummer most of the time.

There’s also the issue of what pattern. For sweaters, I’m pretty picky about the pattern that I’ll use. Just one example: I’m not a fan (for me) of the February Lady Sweater, because I don’t think it would flatter me, even though it looks terrific on the gal who adapted this pattern.

There’s also the (addiction) issue of my unselfish knitting: I knit a lot for others, and so I don’t knit things that will not fit or flatter me. When I knit for myself, I really just go whole-hog into something I really want to knit.

Imagine my surprise that I’m actually about to start a KAL – the Tradisi Scarf for Shawl (check my post for info) on February 1st.  The Tradisi KAL group on Ravelry is lovely, with new and experienced knitters getting inspiration and tips.  I’m happy to say that one of the test knitters for this project took intro to lace knitting with me long ago, and is now totally an expert – I got her started, and she learned to fly with lace! For Tradisi, I had the yarn already in the stash (Bugga! – my first time with this yarn), and since I’d like to add some beads at each end of the shawl, I went shopping for the needed beads today. I got a couple of colors so I’d have options, see?


I’m looking forward to being a part of this, which is quite a change!
But fortunately I also have a wonderful project to knit at the same time. My Kingscot is coming along. The swatch (post blocking) came out great:


I’m doing the body of the sweater in one piece, and I may even knit the sleeves top-down in the round to avoid any seaming except at the shoulders. I’m adding a bit in length, so I repeated the first few rows of the charts on the front so the pattern will balance top to bottom.

And yes, I realize that both of these items are in aqua!

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