Of course

My Mom and I went to the hospital yesterday for her cataract surgery, which seems to have gone well.  We went to the small waiting/changing/getting ready for the surgery room.  In walks a nurse, Laura, who glances at me, and says without a beat, “Did you knit your sweater?”

Mind you, I’m sitting down, wearing a light quilted jacket OVER the cardigan, so maybe 3 inches shows.  I exclaim quickly, “Yes, I did, do you knit too?” even though I knew that she must be an experienced knitter to see a hand-knit garment that quickly.  We engaged in a lovely knit-talk, about which stores are our favorites (Bluebird Yarn & Fiber), and she even got out her “love scarf” made of silk that she keeps in the nurses office so that whoever needs to wear it that day can.  I thought this was a fabulous idea for an office.

She even taught me a new way to wear a scarf/shawlette.

Later, my mom, who despite her nervousness about the surgery had noticed our conversation, said to me later, “No matter where we are, you always seem to find someone who knits and you talk about it.”

Of course.

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