Will You Tradisi With Us?

Remember that cute, funny and touching movie a few years ago called Millions?  Here’s the trailer for it – rent it if you get the chance!

The last scene of the movie, where the village gets water finally from a new well and celebrates at the simple gift of water chokes me up every dang time.  But that’s what we can do right now in real life, as well as get a lovely scarf out of the effort.

I mentioned a couple of times that I will be joining in a Knit-a-long (KAL) soon; the pattern that we will be using is Tradisi by Christina Nixon (ravelry link).  We’re starting February 1st, so you still have time to join us!

The background is that Chris was part of a lovely knitting group in Mill Valley until she and her husband moved to Indonesia for some research work that they are doing. Christina has a great blog about her adventures at Nomadic Nixons.

One project that Christina added to her busy schedule is Operation Dig, which is to  build a clean water well for a local orphanage in Waitabula, Sumba. The proceeds of the Tradisi pattern will be used to help dig this well. The Mill Valley knitting group is KAL central for the knit-a-long, but you can live anywhere and still be a part of it. Judy (Braizyn on Ravelry) has set up a Ravelry group/thread for the KAL – it’s called “Tradisi – KAL”.

So hop over to Ravelry to buy the Tradisi pattern, go into your stash, or your LYS, or online, to find the yarn for either the scarf or shawl version. Make sure you’ve got your appropriate needles and stitch markers.  You also may want to check out options for beads as well, both Christina’s pattern, and an option by Gale, her test knitter, look great!

Join us as we Tradisi in style!

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