Really Bad at This

As some who read the blog might remember, I whined might have mentioned a lot a little about the fact that I had knit other people things for quite a while, including a couple of lovely sweaters, and I was going to be more selfish in my knitting because I was a teensy-weensy tired of knitting for other people.  Now I did work on some lovely Diagonal Lace socks, that I am in fact wearing at this very moment, which is good.  But, what’s on my needles and in my just-finished project pile?  Let’s see:

First, a pair of socks knit out of some donated and stashed Lamb’s Pride, with some sock yarn added to heels and toes:

a4a youth socks8a

Second, a pair of socks through Socks for Soldiers for a family friend headed to Iraq.  This is the second foot for the second sock, because my attempt at sock surgery completely failed.

Third, a scarf for a friend – and it’s very cushy and yummy.  I’m about 45 inches, with 20 more inches to go.


It’s going to be amazing after it gets blocked!

Fourth, a little preemie baby hat out of a fun self-striped sock yarn from Meileinweit – it’s great for leftovers!
And fifth, another pair of socks from stash yarn for Afghans for Afghans:
a4a Vanilla Striped sock1a
This uses some creative striping to use up some leftovers well!

You might have noticed that none of these projects are for me. Yep, I have nothing on my needles for me.  Now, in the queue there is the lovely Kingscot cardigan (I’m waiting for my yarn from WEBS, they had a great sale on Ultra Alpaca Light), and I will be starting a KAL on February 1st on something for me – I’ll be blogging about it in a couple of days, because I’d love for folks to join us and help bring water to village across the world by participating.

But still, I must confess: I am really bad at selfish knitting.

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[…] You may have noticed that none of these projects are for me. Yep, I have Nothing on my needles for me. ? Now, in the queue there is the beautiful cardigan Kingscot (I expect my son of canvas, that they had a large sale Ultra Lightweight Alpaca) and I will begin a KAL February 1 on something for me – I’ll be blogging about it a few days, because I’d like to many people to join us and help to bring water to the village around the world participating. from […]

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