FO: Stranded Steeked Vest

It’s done, it’s DONE! And I am happy with it:


The finishing took about an hour and a half. Let’s look on the inside to see what I did on the armholes and neck:


For the neckline, I had a too-narrow for comfort steek, so I machine-stitched on some grosgrain ribbon, slightly stretching the yarn as I went. This was so the neckline would stretch as the child puts the vest over his/her head. Then I tacked down the ribbon using some leftover matching laceweight yarn that I happened to have. Now there are two rows of machine-stitching at the neck, so it should not fray at this point. In this case, I went for functionality over beauty.

For the armholes, I used Lucy Neatby’s method of trimming the steek, and then doing the blanket stitch around the armhold to hold everything down. Here, I used some lovely Sunday Knits sportweight yarn leftover from the lovely Poplar and Elm cardigan.

And then I wove in the ends, which was not hard with this nice and sticky yarn. Voila!

Fortunately, I’m also getting feline approval: