deja vu

I have been here before with this sock – I am hoping that this time the sock and bag do not go somewhere I cannot find them.  I present vanilla sock, 2nd attempt:

a4a vanillasock1c

the pattern is from Chrissy Gardiner’s Toe Up! book – the mix and match ribbed pattern, except that I forgot to the ribbing on the instep stitches, so I just went with doing it on the leg.  Sometimes, I’ll go back and fix something like this, even though it is for charity and the recipient will never know, but not this.  This is because I am spent, physically and emotionally, from closing up the family home and finishing up the sale (which is going very well, hopefully tomorrow the cash shows up on our side).  This is a good comfort knit, assuming that I don’t lose the socks before they get sent off to Afghans for Afghans.