Progress and diversion

The Mythos sweater is progressing, but knitting it with lace yarn at a smaller gauge, while a good thing for summer (although unlike a lot of the country, we haven’t had much), makes for an endless knit.  It’s hard to see the progress (this is one sleeve and the beginning of one front and back):


I badly needed  a diversion from endless stockinette in tiny yarn, so, of course the solution is garter stitch in slightly less tiny yarn – behold my Milkweed Shawl (rav link) in Pagewood Farm’s amazing Alyeska yarn (Crayon colorway).  I am in love with the yarn – I know that I won’t be buying more cashmere because of the environmental problems that are being caused by too much production, but I will enjoy this skein!


Knitting with two Pagewood Farm yarns at the same time – glorious!