Home again

I got home on Friday.  I confess, when I saw Mt Tam from the East Bay, I got a bit misty-eyed – it’s been five weeks, but it has also been a lifetime of highs and lows.

Yesterday, I took a photo of my balcony to remind myself what a beautiful place I live in.

Balcony View
Things I like about home:

  1. it’s where my stuff is –  like kitchen, food, clothes, yarn stash
  2. it’s also where my kitties are – you provide lots of entertainment – maybe I don’t really need cable TV
  3. I wake up, and everything I need is right here
  4. my bed – it’s not perfect, but I sleep very well here
  5. my community – just outside the door
  6. friends who leave you food after a long journey away – they are the best!
  7. friends who will help me figure out the next steps of my life and my mom’s – they are the best too!
  8. Reviving a gift knitting project – Poplar and Elm – the lighter color of the Eden 3-ply yarn will be much better for the recipient:

eden 3-plyf.JPG

4 replies on “Home again”

I’m glad you like the program too–I think it’s elegant.

And you do live in a lovely place! Welcome home!

Renee, I’ve been away from reading blogs for a while and didn’t realize all that was going on. I’m glad you’re home again, and sorry to read about what a trial this has been. Good luck, and welcome back!

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