Light, tunnel and all that

Well, this has been a very “interesting” few weeks, filled with highs, lows, drama and laughs (and thank goodness for the last one).

The short version:  Mom is doing better, and I’m planning to come back on Friday.

The long version:  Mom was doing her best to get well in the skilled nursing facility, but I could tell she felt like crap.   Worryingly so.  Her stomach was a mess, and even though I got the doc to add something to help.  It didn’t.  Then one day she didn’t keep her breakfast down, the next, the other end looked suspicious.  So I called her doc and left a message that I thought she had an ulcer.  he calls me back on my cell phone (which of course did not work in her room), and he hung up while I was racing to the front of the building where it worked.  Then, walking back to the nurses’ station, there was a freak-out happening because her doc told them to call 9-1-1.  I told them I had called the doc, and they immediately wanted to know that I told him.  So  I did, and told them that I had only wanted to talk with the doctor, not anything else.

In the end, Mom went back to the hospital and got blood (good), a test that showed she did have ulcers, and new meds (very good).  The bonus is that in going back to the skilled nursing place is that I got her a room transfer in which she has a. a TV, b. a window view, and c. a quiet compatible roommate.  And no bleeding, and the ability to eat now means she is much, much stronger.  yay!

So, I can finally contemplate a return to my house, my cats, and my life, while looking for a place to bring a healing mom.

There has been more knitting – I knit a small Ishbel for a family friend, but I haven’t gotten a photo yet.  I’m doing a pair of footie socks for me, and Soliel tank in Tahki Cotton Classic.  Thank goodness for the iTouch, wireless, laptops and knitting!

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Your Mom is so lucky to have such a devoted daughter. I’m so impressed that you figured out that ulcers were the problem. I hope I can be as useful to my parents if they find themselves so ill!

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