The last three weeks have been pretty draining. The good news: Mom is getting stronger. The less good news: she’s now well-enough to be very unhappy about her situation. At the moment she’s in a rehab nursing unit, and not happy that she is dependant on others for so much – this is a total shock for her.

I’m staying at her house, which means a lot of my life is neglected at the moment:

  • my job at the church – there are folks covering pastoral care and preaching, but everything else is not covered
  • my kitties – I miss the petting and cuddling
  • the blog – obviously
  • my job at the YMCA – I miss teaching my class for water aerobics
  • teaching at Bluebird – all my plans for teaching evening classes there are out of the window.

I’m sure there is more to the list that I am blocking out.

It feels a bit like the movie Ground Hog Day – each day is a lot like the last one, with a bit of improvement to keep you going, punctuated by bad moments that you have to breathe through for sanity.

Oh, and the knitting, not so neglected.  There is a lot of time for that sitting in the room (thank God it has wifi!) I finished the socks, and the sweater.

Youth Sweater V1f.jpg

Youth Sweater V1g.jpg
Now I’m realizing that I need to send them from down here, and hopefully ask my knitting-cat sitter to find the socks that I knit up there and mail them off to Afghans for Afghans.

Now I’m finishing up another pair of socks, and in the middle of my 3rd Ishbel:

Youth Socks Vanilla1a.jpg

(No photos of Isbhel yet)

Thanks for the all comments, and stay tuned for further details.