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Ravelympics Update

I cast on, and I am plowing through the stockinette. Isadora apparently approves:

A4A Ravelympics Sweater1e.JPG

My idea is to do a colored stranded set of patterns for the yoke, like this, this and this. We shall see what I come up with. I might need to pull out the food dyes if I don’t have a color I need. This new idea (cooking up a color) is so fun!


More Distraction

Ok, maybe I’m a bit crafty ADD – or, as I like to think of it, I’m preventing repetitive stress on my hands by all the diversions.

I’m plying the Falkland fiber – yum. I keep hoping that it will be soft and wonderful enough to make a lace shawl. So far, so good!

Then, I realized that I didn’t have any orange yarn. So I finally got out the pot I had bought last summer to using for dyeing, and made some orange yarn with food color – I’m pretty happy with the result!


The yarn skein on the left was what I started with, and I ended up with a pretty electric color.

Feeling brave, I got out the acid dyes, and the superwash bare yarn from Knitpicks, and with the base acid dye, then doing another dye with food color to tone down the kelly-green-ness of the first pass, I’m pretty happy with the result.