Knitting for Good ravelympics

Ravelympics for Good

I’m getting ready for the Ravelympics.

I have the yarn.
A4A Ravelympics Sweater1b.JPG

I have a swatch.
A4A Ravelympics Sweater1a.JPG

I have a pattern. (Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Percentage System yoke sweater, Knitting Workshop)
A4A Ravelympics Sweater1c.JPG

I have a WIP.
I have a cause too –
Afghans for Afghans! Conveniently, there is a youth campaign for 7-14 year olds with a March 1 arrival deadline.

Won’t you join me? You could knit a pair of worsted-weight socks, some mittens for a child, or a vest if you have more knitting mojo. If you are attending Stitches West, you can even drop by your FO to the Abby’s Yarns and save on postage. If you need a free pattern to help you, check out the pattern pages at the Fans of Afghans for Afghans Ravelry group here.

To sign up via Ravelry, you add a project to your notebook by the beginning of the Opening Ceremonies on February 12th, tagging your project as follows:

1. eventcharity
2. teamfansofa4a (corrected tag, sorry, I was misinformed!)
3. Ravelympics2010
4. If you like, add in a Ravelympics event tag (like mIttens moguls). You can find a list of them and the appropriate tags here.

Otherwise, you can be a stealth Ravelympics knitter, and nobody will tell, certainly not me!