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Spinning Update

I have some more information and tools for spinning:


Abby’s stuff is great for the newbie spindler.  Every page has something of value!  The DVD is pretty good, of course it can’t contain everything in the book. If you are thinking of getting the video – buy the DVD, because the download video quality is not all that good, I’ve heard.

One of the things I learned from Abby’s book is the multiple ply plying ball. You take two singles and wind them together in a tensioned ball, and it turns out that this makes it much easier for the beginning spindler to control the plying. I’ve made a lot of progress over the last few months since I took my beginner’s class. See?

The yarn on the left was the first beginner handspun, and the stuff on the right is some lovely merino/silk top that I got from A Verb for Keeping Warm (at Llama Llama Knits). I really enjoyed spinning this stuff, and feel pretty darned proud of it:


There’s more than this skein – I’ve got two ounces, and am I’m pondering a small project for this – a cowl or a hat at the moment. Suggestions welcome!

Things in the spinning department were going well so well last week that I knew I needed some more fiber, which was conveniently down the street from my new credit union (Redwood Credit Union).  Anyway, this fiber jumped out at me. I haven’t spun with this fiber before, and the colorway is amazing!

This Falkland fiber comes from the Falkland Islands off the coast of Argentina. I’m trying to branch out with a variety of fibers – it will be the year of “make my own fiber club” since I appear to have missed most of the deadlines for the ones in 2010. At least Stitches West is coming up – I should be able to score some spindles, a nostepine, and some cool fiber there!

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I would hate to have a spinning store next to my bank. Then I wouldn’t need the bank.

And yes, you can use my little trick for knitting garter in the round without purling. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Thanks for the comment on my blog! 🙂 I downloaded Fiberbeat and I’m really liking it! (I’ve heard the ad a few times and I could never remember the name when I was at my PC to download new ‘casts!) I’ve enjoyed Wondermike in YKnit, so I’m thrilled to find his new program.

Have a great one! You’re really inspiring me to start a spindle-spinning project – I haven’t done any spinning since I returned my borrowed spinning wheel last September!

Miss Knotty – likewise I was glad to find your blog as well, and all those podcasts – my goodness, it’ll take me all year to find time to check them out.

and yes, spindle spinning is portable, and I think it’s fun, personally!

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