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A Tale of Two Socks

I’m doing two different socks at the same time.  One is toe-up, a lovely sock yarn called Denali from Pagewood Farms.  Brandy approves mightily of this lovely yarn.

Ribbed Socks1d.JPG

The socks are for my cousin Marie, who showed me a pair of socks I had knit her a few years back (out of 100% wool, before I knew that having some nylon in the yarn makes it last longer) that had a bunch of holes in both socks.  I already knit her a pair for Christmas, but I felt as though another pair was in order for someone who so appreciated my socks that she still wears the holey ones as bed socks.  So, I pulled out Chrissy Gardiner’s Toe-Up book, and started on some ribbed socks — so nice to knit.

I love the heel on this sock!  When I do a heel-flap sock, I’m almost never all that happy with the picked-up stitches for the gusset.  It doesn’t matter if I knit into the back, pick up one or two loops of the stitch.  It just doesn’t feel substantial to me.  Not so with this toe-up version, which is ssk, or p2tog.  It looks neat and tidy, and comes together marvelously at the top, with no messing around to eliminate holes and gaps.  This may become my favorite heel!

Toe Up Socks2a

The other sock is a completely different kettle of fish.  It’s a toe-down, stranded sock on Size 0 needles.  The two colors are being used for almost the whole sock.  I’m doing a new-to-me heel flap – the partidge heel – with two colors on size 0 needles.  Does your head hurt yet?  Yep, so does mine.

I muddled through sock 1, which came out ok, and wearable.   These are destined for Afghans for Afghans, so someone will get probably the fanciest sock ever!

Fancy Socks1a

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Aw, that’s lovely to say. The truth is – I have plenty of socks to wear that I’ve made, so giving these away is not hard, especially when the yarn came free to me. I got to learn new skills (although learning the partridge heel flap in two colors on Size 0’s is not a great idea), and have the comfort that this will be enjoyed by someone who has far less than I do.

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