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A Christmas Wish

Most of us who gather in Bethlehem on this night
Are not the star seekers.
We’ve not traveled our dreams
Month after month, year after year,
Poring over predictions and promises.
Most of us sit on our hillsides
Tending our sheep,
Business as usual.
Oh, we’ve heard rumors of stars,
But we don’t really give ourselves to seeking
After all, there’s more than enough to do
In the daily tending.
We’re simply not on the lookout for stars,
Nor expecting any light in our darkness.
I suppose the important thing is,
In the light of the glory of the Lord,
To recognize the voice of an angel
And to get up
And in spite of our sheep
To go even unto Bethlehem
To see this thing that has happened.

by Ann Weems, Kneeling in Bethlehem

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