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I thought all the gift knitting was done with the matching hat for Verdigris. But then it got really, really cold for the SF Bay Area. Now I know all the East Coasters and Midwesterners are chortling at the thought of a high in the 50s, and low in the 20s qualifying as “really cold.” But let me remind you that we don’t build for this cold weather.

My office is in is on the first level of a church building built 100 years ago. Although earthquake renovations were done a number of years ago in the Sanctuary, my office looks like it was untouched, based on the lighting, carpet and electrical. The insulation for the office is almost non-existent. Single pane windows with wood casings, and little insulation on the floor and walls. The wall-heater was no match. I bumped it up to 70 degrees, but at my desk, I’m sure I was in the low 60’s on Wednesday. I only stayed in the office about 3 hours and came home to work – just not worth it.

While my church administrator was in a bit better shape that day (her office on the upper level, and a bigger heater), Thursday she reported that it was very cold. So, my idea yesterday of buying a skein of Malabrigo Twist to make these will probably be most welcome! And the pattern – the wonderful Dashing!


This is a super-simple great pattern, but I was slightly worried about the tightness in the wrist with the cables pre-blocking, so when I finished the first one last night, I decided to wet-block it, and it seems to have come out a bit better. I don’t want it to be too snug.

And may I say that maybe I’m just slightly addicted to the Twist yarn. I went back to my LYS, and all of the colorway that I had bought was totally gone. But the Purple Mystery colorway is very richly dyed, don’t you think?


I’ve frogged the cowl that I made because I realized it was my colorway, not the giftee’s, so there is about 1 1/2 skeins of it in my hot hands. I need some handwarmer fingerless mittens (Dash #2?), so I’ll probably make those, and sleep with the rest under my pillow.

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