FO: Argante Shawl

I’m kinda overwhelmed with all of my shawls. But I keep on knitting them, probably in the hopes of eventually knitting myself through this jag. Here’s the latest, in Malabrigo sock yarn, in that lovely Indiecita colorway:


The lace pattern is knitting on at the same time as the shawl.


And the pattern is quite lovely, even though the charts are not quite as complete as my chart-knitting self would have liked. But the directions are very clear and I was able to follow the whole thing, including learning a new style of wrap-and-turn. Great to learn the variations on things, isn’t it?

As I noted before, there was very, very little yarn leftover, but this is much, much better than just being a very little short on needed yarn, so I’m counting this as a total win (even though it’s luck, because I really didn’t weigh the yarn, or anything reasonable like that).