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Renee’s Excellent Adventure: P/$ R/C B/E T/U

As many of you know the past year has not been a lot of fun.  I’ve been trying to just go through the whole year as best as I could.  Sometimes it was ok, sometimes it was ugly.  Now I feel like I’m slowly coming out of the fog.

One sign:  my trip this weekend.  For those of you who have no idea what those letters and symbols mean, let me decode it for you:  Planet Money Recession Club Big Easy Tweet Up.  It’s a group of us who have been following the NPR Planet Money blog and podcast (what, you haven’t?), who got to twittering (yes, twitter can result in good things) about wanting to go to New Orleans for a weekend, and next thing you know, we have a trip on!  Seven of us will be going, with a few feeling sad that they won’t be part of the fun.

We met over economics, of all things, but we will mostly be having a good time together in a great city that most of us have not been to.  We have not met in person, but we know things about each other that most of our friends have no clue about.  How that translates to real life, we shall see.

My dilemma, of course, is what knitting to bring.  I’m not with knitters, it’s gonna be warm.  I’d like to do some lace, but no lace is speaking at the moment.  Maybe a shawlette for Mom?  Hmmm…