Not Knitting

Total Depravity and the like

I learned a new skill last week, and it was due to Heather Ordover of Craftlit. I had commented earlier to her about a theological issue  because she is leading us through The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthore, and a couple of podcasts ago she put out a call to me on her podcast to send her some information about sin and evil.  I emailed her my stuff, and then she said, oh, so casually, why don’t you send me an audio file?

Well, since i’m a pastor,  I do speak for a living every Sunday, so I know my voice is ok.  And then I discovered that in fact, my little 13 inch MacBook can record my voice and everything! So, if you go here, you can hear me talking about, sin, evil and total depravity.  Ah, yes, I’m so cheery about it all too!  The Fun thing in the podcast is that there’s another graduate of theological studies who Heather quotes, and it’s a great complement to my stuff.