Cable Connections

I love my Knitpicks Options set. I’ve bought the basic nickel-plated steel set, along with a pair of the Harmony wood tips in a size I use a lot, and I’m seriously looking into the clear Zephyrs. Knitpicks has done an awesome job of creating a “build your own” set at a reasonable price.

Unfortunately, they do not carry this:

Options Connectors1a

It’s a set of three cable connectors for the Options cables. I don’t know the whole story about why Knitpicks is not carrying these; maybe they don’t meet the quality control they want, or maybe they want customers to buy every set of cable lengths (I hope it’s something like the former). Anyway, apparently they are sold in Europe under the name KnitPro, and I bought a couple of sets from a lovely British online seller for less than $5 a set. I bought two sets, knowing that at least one of the knitters in my knit group would probably want to purchase another set, and that happened within a week!

Here’s what I doing with it at the moment. My blue project doesn’t require a cable length longer than the 40″ cable that I own, but I did use it to take off a tip, screw on another cable in order to see how the garment might be fitting – there’s plenty of extra length in the cable for stretching, and one could even add the stopper on the end if you were worried about it. Sure, I could take the tip off, add it to another cable and knit part of the row – I’ve done this in the past. But this solution to the “trying it on” worked very slickly without any problems, and it is much faster!

Options Connectors1b

It’ll take another project to see how the cable connector performs with actual knitting, but it looks like it would be ok for most projects.