A great way to start the week

I’m sitting at my computer with my coffee at home, and the phone rings. For a moment, I wonder whether to answer it, and then I do. A chirpy voice asks for me, and I say “Who’s calling?” even though this is not the usual hour for telemarketers calling, and the reply is “This is Lucy Neatby.” And then I remember that I left a voicemail to order some DVDs from her! How delightful to get a call from one of the Knitterati on a Monday morning!

BTW, Lucy’s DVDs are fabulous, and she has a great special going. If you order one of her new DVDs, they are slightly cheaper right now (long story on the problems she’s had in getting them produced), plus free shipping, and if you order any of her older ones, they are at the regular price, but also have free shipping. This will only last for a couple of weeks at the most, so order now!