FO: Kiri Matching Beret

The Ishbel matching beret and shawl by Ysolda got me to thinking about my beautiful Kiri Shawl. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a matching hat for it?

Kiri 1c

I still had a bunch of the Dream in Color Baby yarn leftover from the shawl, and looked on Ravelry, and found that someone had done a beret hat recipe with the Kiri lace pattern that became my starting point.

The Ishbel beret has a hem for the band, which is good with fingering and lace yarns, and I repeated that feature. Then I increased a bunch, did the Kiri lace pattern for a couple of repeats, then gradually decreased in stockinette – with the lace yarn, I wanted a more substantial fabric than a lacey pattern would give me.

Once blocked, it still had a wonderful sheepy quality to the yarn because I soaked some of my handspun at the same time. Brandy has laid claim to it:

Kiri Matching Beret 1a.JPG

Who could resist those eyes? It’s hers.