FO: Pomatomus Socks

I finished the Pomatomus Socks:


And I really love them. I did these toe-up, since I wanted to use as much of the yarn that I could. Actually, I ended them before I ran out of yarn, because they were pretty long!

Method I used is similar to that of I used Judy’s magic cast-on for a total of 30 stitches (15 stitches on each needle) increased every other row (using Wendy Knits k/f-b for the first time, which means there are no gaps, and quite lovely) to having 32 stitches for the sole, and 36 stitches for the instep. Then I started Chart B in the Pomatomus pattern, making the change in the first decrease in the first row to a K2togtbl. Halfway through the second repeat, i began increasing along the sides of the sole stitches every 3-4 rows for 4x times, for a total of 38 stitches (I wanted plenty of room for the heel). Then I did a short row heel, and after a few rows on the back side, I started the twisted rib – with an unintentional variation – I twisted the “wrong way” on the purl side. It looks cools to me – almost like a braid:


Anyway, I love them so much that I’m doing another pair in Shibuiknits sock yarn. I guess I’m a little bit addicted.