FO: Ishbel

I became enamored of Ysolda Teague’s Whimsical Little Knits booklet of patterns a couple of months ago. Everything is so cute in it – and finally took the plunge and bought not only the digital edition, but also the paper booklet. The booklet came very quickly and it is so cute!

So, I wanted to make Ishbel, and wound together strands of Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud and Gloss Lace from a sampler lace kit I bought last summer to make a woman’s shawl for Afghans for Afghans. The two yarns worked together quite well:


When I took it in to Bluebird Yarn & Fiber, every staff member wanted to try it on — the pattern is that cute! I took the leftover yarn into the store as well to use the scale. I used 310 yards to make the shawlette (pattern says 330 yards), so I have 130 yards, and am in the process of making a matching beret – which says I need 175 yards for the 20 inch size. So, I’m using another sock yarn for the inside of the hem (no one will see this), cutting down one of the lace repeats (which is even provided for in the pattern), and praying a lot. I think I’ll have enough. I’m sure of it. Really.