Vacation – Day 3

Having stayed up too late the night before, I barely made it to breakfast the next morning – and I was very glad I did make it – I had blueberry pancakes and bacon made to order. I LOVE bacon, and therefore never keep it in the house, because it would be eaten way too quickly.

I spent a littlle while in the lovely courtyard of the B&B taking some photos:

St FrancisFlowers2

and then it was time to go to Elkhorn Slough (pronounced “slew”) about 20 miles north of Monterey, and a place where there is a lot of wildlife, to go on a Kayaking trip.

Let’s review my experience. I went once with my cousins to a bay here in Marin, and it was when I had absolutely no upper body or back strength. It was not a pretty picture. The second time I went was in the southeast in South Carolina and even did a tiny bit of sea kayaking in the beginning and end. So, one tough time, one ok time.

The slough is a dead end saltwater body, so it’s much easier than sea kayaking, although the wind can pick up in the afternoon (which it did). Fortunately, I have no picture of me in the kayak garb – these were closed kayaks, so there was a lot to wear, including the skirt that seals you in the kayak. My major benefit was that since I was alone, I went with our guide, Brian, who could clearly handle little ol’ me.

We saw jellies, cormorants, pelicans, seals sea otters and all manner of wild things. Because it was a weekday, we were among the few that were there, so it was wonderful — I felt so close to the natural world.

One funny thing that is several piers were built to use for boats going out to watch whales. See?
Less Full Pier

As you can see, there are a few seals at the end of these. But around the corner is the real hangout.
Top Seal

These are male seals, hanging out like it’s a rave party, see? No boats get to use these piers!
Seal Rave 2
Seal Rave 1

After this adventure, it was time for dinner. Being completely spend and having no originaility at all, I went back to Tillie-Gort’s, and then was collapsing into to watch more Dexter and knit a tiny, tiny bit.