Sock that goes tink, tink, tink

In honor of Sock Summit, I decided to make socks. Yeah, not very original, but it keeps me happy. I decided that I would knit something by a teacher at Sock Summit, so I picked Cookie A’s Pomatomus pattern. The only difficulty is that I have two skeins of Lorna’s Laces, and I want to knit them toe-up. Fortunately, others have trod this path before me, and I found’s directions on how to do this.


I began with Judy’s Magic Cast-on, increased to 32 stitches on the sole, 36 sts on the in-step, and knit two repeats of the foot pattern. In the middle of the second one, I increased on the sole stitches one stitch at each end, every three rows for a total of four times, two stitches in from the edge. Then I worked a short row heel I learned from Merike Saarnit, except that I began using the twisted rib shortly after turning the heel, and decreasing a bit to get down to the right number of stitches. I talk more about this in another post – it all looks pretty cool. Then I joined things up and started the relatively simple task of knitting the leg chart. It should have been easy from here. All the hard stuff is done, right?

Yet, as I began the knitting, there was this large hole at one side that bugged me – right where the instep and heel stitches come together. There’s supposed to be a regular-size yarnover hole, but this was larger. I tried tightening up the yarn that was loose, but even so, it didn’t work very well. After knitting about 4 rows in the round, I wanted to try on the sock to make sure it wasn’t too tight – having basically thrown away some lovely socks that were way too tight at the ankle, I thought this was the moment to see where things stood. I knit partway through a row, so they would be on 4 needles, not three, and tried it on. Well, the good news is that they look great, feel great (now wishing these were not a gift), but one lousy stitch popped off the needle, exactly where the round begins. A hole ensues, a hole so big that the other hole I was worried about now seems totally insignificant. But I’m pretty good with patterns and lace, so I think, hey, I can fix this! Which I probably could if not for the fact that there is some little maneuver I used with the last part of the short row heel to get things closed up, and it appears that even though I think I reknit the stitch correctly, it is still awful, worse than the other hole.

So, I am admitting defeat and realizing that tinking back about four rows is not the end of the world. I will have a chance to work out the first hole that bugged me, retighten things up and start afresh. This is simply a bump in the road toward a beautiful pair of socks.

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Dang. Frustrating. But boy are the a beauty to see! I knit socks on 2 circs – mainly because I have 3 kiddos and can NEVER count on finishing a row so 2 circs really save me from worrying about any stitches falling off. Isn’t it funny how utilitarian our reasons for knitting a “certain way” can be? There might be a sermon in that somewhere eh?!

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