Vacation – Day 1

This year I took a few days to go to Monterey Bay – one of my favorite places to visit. Although the weather was pretty cool, I had a great time and did some things I hadn’t done in the past.

For the first day, I got a later start than intended (gee, a shock to those who know my morning habits, I know). Before heading down the Peninsula, I made a stop at Imagknit in the city (it wasn’t much of a detour, really!). I love this store because it has SO much in it, and on this visit, I finally got the skinny on the organization from very helpful Kurt, who has an architecture background. The front room is the more-than-50%-animal-fibers room, then organized by weight. The back room is the more-than-50%-plant-or-chemicals room, then by weight.

I fondled and touched, but really wanted to get some sock yarn – I had a sock yarn yearning, and I was thinking I didn’t have any cool sock yarn in the stash (It isn’t quite true, as I found when I returned, but it was what I thought at the time). I splurged on some Lorna’s Laces yarn in the Gold Hill colorway, to make socks for a Christmas present, and threw in a skein of yarn on sale for my cousin Allison who like chunky yarn to crochet.

Then it was off down 101, which wasn’t bad getting out of town. At Gilroy, I made a stop at the Factory Stores (many have closed with the economic troubles), and bought a wicking tee that I could wear on my Kayaking venture later in the week, and bought some sport pants because my other ones have ripped up and don’t fit either. While the plan was to go to the Steinbeck Museum in Salinas, but a general feeling of laziness had set in, so I drove onto Monterey.

My B&B was a cute place in Pacific Grove that a couple of folks had recommended. I loved the location – one block from the ocean, and it was in a quiet neighborhood. The garden is gorgeous (I’ll post photos) But honestly, I felt out of the place with the clientele – there were lots of heavy-duty conservatives staying there, and it was known that I am a pastor, which I hate – because people get all weird. The owners, a couple, are also conservative. I got along with the wife very well, but the husband had a friend staying there during the afternoon break time, and they got into dissing anything progressive. So I kept the conversation honest, didn’t try to take anything on directly, but making it known that this is something I was invited to, and I wasn’t letting crap go unchallenged. At one point, the husband asked me directly, “Well, name one conservative paper in this country!” and I responded, “The Wall Street Journal” – and he got this confused look on his face and he tried to challenge that, but I was out for red meat, and he backed down, although he said something to the effect of “well, they seem to be having other stuff in there now.” Sigh. No more happy hours for me – I didn’t come to have political discussions. A free glass of wine and munchies is not worth it.

I did come to see the ocean – and other fun things:

Pacific Grove

dog mat

I finished off Day 1 with a dinner at a cute cafe called Tillie Gort’s Cafe which was a nice casual place within walking distance of the B&B. I had a lovely soup and bread and tea and felt great there. If you go to Monterey and have vegetarians – this is a place to check out.

Back at the room, I took out my guilty pleasure for the vacation (other than way too much knitting and fiber to spin) – my rental DVDs of Dexter. I hadn’t checked out this series because I frankly could not imagine a story centered on a serial killer. My massage guy, Niles, totally recommended it to me, and it made me think about getting it, AND it has Michael C. Hall who I loved in Six Feet Under, so I relented and checked out a couple of DVDs. Wow. What a show, what a concept. I am totally hooked!

Tomorrow, I explore the Monterey Bay Aquarium, with behind the scenes action, and visit a knitting and fiber store.