First Handspun

I made some singles with my spindle that looked kinda cute.


In the second half of the Beginning spinning class, Brooke was quite helpful (ignore that shocked expression on her face – really, how bad can it get, it’s just yarn?)


And then after plying, I got this fluffy little pile:

1st Handspuna

which turned into this skein:

1st Handspunb>
and is now soaking in tepid water, and will be dried and hung:

1st Handspunc

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2 thoughts on “First Handspun

  1. Hey there! Good to “meet” you…in blogland. Brooke is a wonderful teacher and a fabulous knitter! We have known eachother through knitting for some time. Small world…but I can tell you I am NOT going to spin. NOT.GOING.TO.SPIN.

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