The UFOs

There’s been a fair amount of knitting going on, not a lot of finishing.  Five UPOs that I’m finding. This one is’t done:


The Lily sweater in linen.  I’m trying to do a few rows every few ways to get it done in time to wear this summer.  It will be a while.  In contrast, this quick prayer shawl is almost done – only the ends need to be woven in:


The Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl, done in some Alchemy fingering yarn and a leftover skein of Knitpicks Risata, carrying a cobweb yarn along for some depth.  For about 400 yards of yarn, I’ve got a lovely prayer shawl to send to an online colleague who’s going through some surgery.

This isn’t done either:


A second helmet liner done out of the leftovers from a pair of socks for Socks for Soldiers.  This was my WWKIP project for the Burbank Airport on Saturday.  It was sad to miss knitting with my knitting peeps on Sunday – but I had a great trip that will be blogged about soon. I’ve had the yarn since the end of January, and I’d like to finish this by the end of the week (optimistic) or the end of the month (more likely).

And then there’s this:


I’m doing a felted purse out of Knit One Below – I’m changing up the strap and putting in a full lining. It’s gonna take some work to figure it all out, but I’m excited by the colors!

And then there’s this mysterious item:


It looks like a blob, but it will become a stuff cat for the Kitty Toy Swap on Ravelry.  My friend Judy looks at it with a skeptical eye, but I am hopeful about the outcome. We’ll see who is right soon!

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