FO: SlinkyRibs Sweater

It’s done, it’s done, I love it already and my friend Judy took some wonderful photos of it:



When I took the sweater to show the Knit Night, they all said to make it a bit longer than I was planning to, and they were SO right.  The length is perfect.  I ended up using the crochet along the neck thingy that the Yarn Harlot recommends (see my post here), and it did help hold the neckline up.  It’s really common for sweaters with no seams to get draggy, so this is a great way to fix it, even after you have finished the entire sweater.

For those interested in seeing how my tubular cast-off in 2×2 ribbing looks on the sleeve when worn, here you go:


This will be a sweater that I want to wear over and over, and I’m going to play with this top-down, in the round, set-in-sleeve technique for a sweater of my own design.

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