I’m a loyal listener to This American Life with Ira Glass.  It’s one of my all-time favorite shows, probably because I like to have stories told to me.  Maybe I missed out on this stuff, or I’m just a lover of stories.

They’ve got a deficit of about $120k this year because they have a free weekly podcast, and while folks like me have made donations, apparently it was not enough.

So, how cool is it that they are going to have a video-cast to movie theaters of a live show tomorrow night.  And, alhtought it is only showing in 400 theaters across the nation,  said show will be showing at the movie theater that is a 5 minute walk from my house, across from the best pizza place in my town (Mulberry St. Pizza). And that my knitter friend in crime, Judy, will be meeting me at the pizza place for dinner and then we’ll go across the street to the show?

And, of course, tonight Ira Glass was on the Colbert report.  Here’s a link to the show.  It is a good week.

I just hope it’ll be bright enough to knit in the theater.

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