Sockfest, the Sequel

I’m in a ton of socks today, it seems. Yes, I washed a bunch of socks, so that was good. But there are other socks in the house, and they were getting restless that the other socks were having all the fun. Even though the ends were not tucked in yet, they demanded equal time:

a4a socks

These are my baby and children’s socks for Afghans for Afghans. There are a couple of more that I finished earlier that are at Bluebird. It’s great to finish up using all the scraps from the Log Cabin blanket, and the Radiance Cabled Cardigan, and other miscellaneous sock yarn bits for the toes and heels. I think I’ve perfected two techniques now — Lucy Neatby’s garter stitch heel, and the German twisted cast-on. It’s nice to have them in my memory bank (for now at least!).

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