As an experienced knitter, it is fun to try new things.  A while back, Warren from Marin Fiber Arts showed a cool new scarf that he was knitting.  To be honest, it went right over my head.  I’m like that.  Later, on the WEBS podcast, Kathy and Pixie starting a knit-a-long using the pattern, the Inside-Outside Scarf, the Knit One Below (I almost wrote Knit One Blow – I think that’s a Lamaze technique) pattern on the XRX site.  Here’s the link. And this page will lead you to the suggestions/helps on the WEBS site.  My scarf turned out well, using some stash, coincidentally from MFA.  See?


I like the reverse side of the fabric as well:

I’d heard about the book Knit One Below: One Stitch, Many Fabrics, and finally when I had an Amazon coupon for some free bucks, I broke down and bought the book, because I realized that the technique would be perfect for a vest that I’ve been wanting to make for my Mom, who is short and round, and this technique uses vertical lines in a pleasing way.

The book is fabulous.  I wish all books were as thorough in explaining the techniques, giving detailed photos, charts, graphics, and general how-to.  I’ve heard that it took her 10 years to put the book together, and it shows.  I can’t wait to find more things to knit from it, and it seems like a great stash-busting technique.

I’m pretty happy with the look, although this is a time consuming technique, since one knits two rows for every one.  Here’s where I am today:

reversible vest 1a