Open Hearted

This week, blankets have been completed:

a4a blankets spc

This is actualy only about half of them.  I think we have 13 completed, and some orphan squares that will be put into another one.  Amazing knitters and crocheters contributed, and finishers Marty, Judy, Sue, Les and Ann all made this possible.  And Sophie, who contributed the yarn.   We’re having two recogntions, one at the church tomorrow, and the other at Bluebird on April 2nd — details here (rav link).  More photos coming when me and the camera and all the blankets are together.

The scarf is done, and is blocking.  Here it is in pre-blocking state.

Spindrift 1f.jpg

I’ve left the bright spot in it at the moment, but I’ll figure out what I want to do later on.  Any thoughts?  Put them in the comments.

Finally, my friend Sandy is not doing well.  She spent a couple of days in the ICU, and feels generally awful. Chemo is agreeing with her less than most folks, and being in the hospital has made her sicker.  Prayers please, she wants to be able to get up and walk tomorrow.  I’ve knit this hat for mer, which will go in the mail on Monday morning:

Cap for Sandy 1a

Oh, and I took a pretty good photo of some flowers this week (good  for me, that is.)


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