Brandy Goes on Strike

In my attempts to get all the Afghans for Afghans blankets done, I forced Brandy, my beautiful tortoise-shell cuddler, into crocheting the edges on the squares. Unfortunately, she went on strike tonight. I guess I’ll have to finish them myself.


Knot to Dye For

Lovely self-striping and varigated yarns are one of the great new things in the yarn world.  But sometimes the quality control on these yarns isn’t good.  For all that I loved knitting with Mirasol Hacho, I was completely irritated that one skeig of it had two very different dye lots — the dye itself wasn’t great.  So I knit a pair of mittens and gave them to charity.  At least with Mirasol, you are helping a group of people who need it.

I bought some Mini Mocho by Crystal Palace in a lovely Harvest Rainbow colorway.  I knit a swatch which looked good:

Spindrift swatch

See how pretty?

I started knitting the scarf. Within the first two inches, there was a knot — a knot where the colors were different. Apparently this is a known problem. In my case, it wasn’t too bad. Shortly after, I ran into this patch:


Yep, a kinda acid-green color.  Odd to have in a Harvest rainbow colorway, but I figured I wait to see.  Well, it turns out that this is a color not repeated anywhere in the rest of the two skeins. See — it’s nowhere else.

Spindrift 1c

Fortunately, I have plenty of yarn, so I’ll be able to complete my project.  But it’s clear that their quality control sucks is not what it should be, and this is a relatively well-known company that is managed in the Bay Area, although the yarn itself is imported.