Knitting for Good

Yet more squares

Church folks are kicking up the square counts, that’s for sure.

These are some from the Sausalito Presbyterian Church and their friends:

SPC Squares

That pile of cream, brown and green? Those are knitted by Alison, who has her grandmother’s knitting needle set, and she only knows the knit stitch at the moment, but she is already doing stripes. I need to teach her to purl fast!

And I got a bunch this morning from Sleepy Hollow Presbyterian:


Some great knitters and crocheters in that crowd! Almost one whole blanket’s worth in a couple of weeks.

and there are more to pick-up at Bluebird, I’m sure. That’ll happen Thursday.

I’m making progress on the blanket that I’m putting together. We decided last Thursday to single crochet all around the edges of each square, then single crochet them together, and finally add a half-double-crochet as an edge around the whole blanket. I’m in the middle of putting together strips:


And of course, the feline inspection was a part of the photo-op. Izzie is not camera-shy!

and have woven in the ends and blocked another (I didn’t put this one together). Here, Brandy gives her best impression of Lana Turner):