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Making Connections

The squares are coming in, and we’re trying to stay ahead of the game in putting them together.  This is not a hard task, but it requires persistence.  Four of us gathered at Marty’s for some learning and joining:

SPC folks work on blankets

We first reviewed the progress from last week, and as you can tell, Marty is most pleased with the progress that she made on her blanket:

Marty Smiles at blanket

But there are more blankets. Marty Rouse is doing at least one on her own with her fab crochet skills, and we plotted out a couple of blankets here:


and here:


And there’s at least one more.

In separate news, the knitting of Sandy’s shawl is over, and I’m happy with it!

Julia's Shawl 1d

Julia's Shawl 1c

Hoping to mail this on Monday!

3 replies on “Making Connections”

Community blankets are a trick to get right, aren’t they? Asking lots of people to knit squares can sometimes be a recipe for disaster, but the one you’re doing looks really beautiful.
And what a gorgeous shawl for your friend! I’m so sorry to hear about her illness. Cancer sucks – we’ve had a lot of bad medical news coming to our family and friends as well.

Susan, Thanks for the compliment on the shawl. I’m packing it up tonight.

The squares are slightly different sizes, but I think we’ll be ok all in all!

What fabulous blankets are going to result! And what fun to see my squares again. I see all of ’em but one in those pictures. My diagonal stripe one is a little bit of an oddball, but it looks as though it has found a happy home.

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