Knitting for Good

Squares and More Squares

The partnership between Sausalito Presbyterian Church and Bluebird Yarn and Fiber for Afghans for Afghans is resulting in this:

SPC sq3

Here’s a bit more to see:


resulting in this:

This is just the set that I got on Sunday at church. We already have two baby blankets being pieced together, a third will be done by one member alone who is a speedy crocheter, and so, it will be a blanket fest! I don’t dare predict how many we’ll have, but I’m glad we set this Sunday, March 15th, as a deadline for squares!

Comments that I’m getting from members:

  • “This is such a nice connection that we are making.”
  • “I didn’t think that we’d get anywhere with this, but look at what is happening.”
  • “Two folks at my work are also making some squares for us.”
  • “I love to knit because I have to lay down so much, and this is so soothing, and I’m doing something for someone else.”
  • “I’ll go by Bluebird today to get more yarn.”
  • “Is that different colors of yarn (No, it’s heathered)”