One of the fun things about knitting is the pleasure of making something quite useful and beautiful. Yesterday, having finished the Brother Amos Socks, I was in a quandry about my knitting. I have someone I know who needs a prayer shawl, but no appropriate quantity for a shawl that I want to make. Then I remembered that I had not replaced my iPod Cozy, and my iPod cords and the like were always falling out of the pocket in my purse. And there was a stray ball of Noro Kuryeon I had bought on sale in my stash. Voila!
iPod Cozy 1a

Pattern for iPod Cozy

This pattern is for a cozy that will hold an iPod Nano 3rd generation, along with a charging cord and earplugs. You can learn a few new things: one of the best provisional cast-ons, knitting in the round, applied I-cord edging, and felting, all without worrying too much about the final product!


  • about 40 yards Noro Kuryeon in color of your choice (I used sensuously-named Number 212)
  • circular needles, size 8 or 9 (I used 7s because I knit loosely), long enough for magic looping, or double points in the same size
  • size 10 needles (for I-cord), any kind
  • Darning needles
  • Bag for felting (if done in washing machine)
  • Using smaller needes, cast-on a total of 42 stitches (21 sts on each needle) using Judy’s magic cast-on (go here for the original on Knitty, or here for Cat Bordhi’s excellent video).

    Join and knit in the round for about 6 inches.  Knit to the center of one of the sides of the cozy.  Cut yarn, leaving a tail about 8 inches long.  Cast on 3 new stitches onto left needle.  Work applied I-cord edging using the larger needle  around the top edge in the following way: K2, SSK (using one of the new stitches, and one from the body of the cozy).  Slip the 3 stitches on the right needle back onto to the left needle.  Pull yarn tight, and repeat the row until all the stitches have been used up.  For the next row, put the 3 sts back on the left needle, K2, slip the next stitch as if to knit, then pick up a stitch from under the first part of the I-cord, then perform the SSK.

    Now, continue making plain ol’ I-Cord for until the I-Cord reaches to the bottom of the cozy without stretching. Cut yarn, pull yarn through the loops.  Now make a loop for a button (make it bigger than you think you’ll need because felting makes it smaller), and sew the end to the I-cord securely.

    Go back to the top back of the cozy, and with extra yarn, tighten up anything that needs to be corrected, sewing in ends.

    Felt as you wish, some good direction here.  Sew on button.

    IPod Cozy 1b


    2008 Stats

    I never have kept a notebook of my knitting.  The best I was able to do is take a few photos of selected items, hang onto some ball bands that end up in the bottom tub of my yarn stash.

    All of that changed with Ravelry.  I keep all my notes and photos there.  It makes me a bit nervous that all of it is in some place offsite (which is crazy, I know, because it’s backed up way better there than if I did it on my own).

    So, for the first time ever, I can actually total up my knitting for the year.  If you want to see actual projects (you need to join Ravelry) go here.   In looking over the list, I’m glad that I haven’t gotten carpel tunnel with all the knitting that I did. I counted FOs only, even though a couple of them were started at the holidays last year.  Drum roll, please:

    • blankets/afghans 3. 2 for Afghans for Afghans, 1 for me
    • scarves – 5 – 3 for me (the only category where I knitted more than 50 percent of the items for me)
    • sweaters – 7 – 3 for Afghans for Afghans, 2 for gifts, 2 for me.
    • socks  10 Adult/Youth pairs, 12 baby pairs Many of these for Afghans for Afghans, some for me, a gift and Socks for Soldiers.
    • hats – 5 a couple of these for Lilybugs, one for the Seaman’s Institute, one a gift and one for me.
    • shawls – 3 One for me, one for Afghans for Afghans, one as a prayer shawl.
    • cat toys – 13 For the Kitty Toy Exchange on Ravelry
    • household items- 5 For me and for gifts
    • market bags – 3 A swatch turned into a market bag for me, two Monteagle bags as gifts from Mason-Dixon II
    • mittens 4 5 pairs One two pair(s) for me, others for Afghans for Afghans (I just remembered a pair I did while one a trip)
    • bracelet 1 a gift for my cousin

    It’s hard to see how I will match this output until retirement.  I was working part-time for the first half of the year, so there was extra time then, and knitting has been a solace for me due to a family loss.


    The Positive Thing

    I’m still sick.  Yesterday things looked a bit better.  My Doc, though, said that this bug I have has a tendency to turn from sinus infection/brochitis into pneumonia.  So, good Doc that she is, she called in an antibiotic into the pharmacy so I could pick it up anytime should I need it.

    This morning I missed a 7:3o am conference call — I was too tired and sick.  Yucko.  So, I caught on voice mail from work at home, talked to the church administrator about the information that we needed to trade.  I had lunch, and knew that I needed to head to the pharmacy to pick up the meds, when yet another amazing knitting friend called out of the blue to see if  I needed anything.  Thanks, Judy!  So, I got my meds without having to drive or anything.

    Since I’m not otherwise productive for society, I’ve been knitting a lot.  The cardigan is almost done (I’m so glad I was beyond the cables when I got really sick) — it fits me at this high weight, so I think it’ll work:

    Rad Cable 1g

    And because I needed a mindless, snacky kind of knit, I did this ninepatch dishrag from the Mason Dixon Knitting blog:

    Ninepatch dishrag


    The Underside of Knitting


    A No Knitting, No Preaching Day (Really)

    Yesterday was a bust in so many ways.  I awoke at 5:30 am with a bad headache, the kind that feels like you have a poker going through your forehead.  I’d been struggling with a cold and sinus infection, but this was awful.  I had four hours to get into full preaching mode, so I took some meds to deal with it.

    By 6 am, I was in trouble, the kind of trouble that has you hanging onto to the porcelain throne in the bathroom for dear life.  I’ll spare you more details.  I still thought, maybe I can get back on track.  By 7 am, the thought had passed, I knew I wasn’t going to make it into the office.  I started through my rollodex in my head to find a preaching sub.  The first call, no one home (I guess they’re not back from vacation).  On the second call, I got the spouse.  I asked to speak to her husband.  She said, “He sleeping.”  A perfectly rational response, but I know how to get through.  “I’m sick, and I’m hoping that he can substitute for me this morning.”  She got him up, and he agreed to do it (he knows the church and their ways, so it’s a good sub).  Then I casually mention, “Oh, and there’s communion this morning too.” “Oh, I hate doing communion.  You owe me one!”  Seriously?  I was astonished.  Frankly, I love these rituals of holiness and connection.  But beggars can’t be choosers, so I said, “Ok, I owe you one.”

    Return to bed.  Visit the bathroom again.  Return to bed.  You get the idea.  As the light filtered into the bathroom, I noticed that the, er, output, was awfully dark.  I realized that this might be blood, since I hadn’t eaten anything this dark.  Pulling out the laptop, I go online to discover lot’s of information about this topic, including things like ulcers.

    I call the Helpline for my medical plan, only to find out that they think I left the plan in 2004.  Now, I am an interim pastor, so I change jobs frequently.  I left one job and entered another immediately in 2004, finished a job in 2007 but kept my medical insurance through the start of a new job in 2008.  In other words, I’ve had continuous coverage since 2004.  The nurse trieds twice to enter me, apologizing the whole time, but finally just does all the questions to make sure that I don’t need to call  911 immediately, then we come up with the brilliant plan that I should see someone withinn 18 hours (it’s now 11 am), and try to get fluids down.  Thanks a lot, useless helpline.

    I try the water (Ok, it was herbal tea).  Visit the bathroom again.  Let stomach rest, sleep, try again. By 5 pm, I’m realizing that I can’t keep water down, and it’s better to visit ER earlier than later.  I call my cousin to commiserate.  She agrees that going now to ER is a good idea.  I’m hoping that she’ll offer to take me, but she says something like, “I wish I was closer so I could come over.”  Darn. At 6:15 pm, I put on jeans, top, wool socks, warm hat and scarf and wool coat and head to the ER at the hospital with basic emergency stuff (like, no brain tumors, etc).  I’ll leave the big hospital to the serious stuff.

    Driving up, I’m worried, because there are a lot of cars in the lot.  Oh God, I think, please do not make me wait in the waiting room.  I go in, and it turns out that within 10 minutes, I’m in a bed.  I can’t believe my good fortune!  Within two hours, I have a calm tummy, and the mellow feelings of “happy meds” for the bad headache.  Leslie, a God-send friend, picks me up (because I can’t drive with the happy meds) with the gatorade that I asked her to pick up, and am home by 9;30 pm.

    This morning, I am working up to exciting things like broth, apple sauce and the like.  Yay!

    And I should mention the other great support yesterdday, my grey tabbie Isadora.  Izzie was actually kind of pain when I got her — rather wild.  But some of that was probably because my other cat at the time, Parfait, was sick.  Now, Izzie is a great cat who likes to hang out next to me.  She stuck around by me most of the day, we napped on the bed, she even watched when I was doing the bathroom thing.  More than I can say with many humans, to be honest.

    So, I will be returning to the Radiance Cabled Cardigan, hopefully some photos to show the updates as well.


    Happy New Year!

    Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and one in which we will rise to challenges by relying on each other and the Holy, however we define that.

    I am working on this:
    Rad Cable 1c

    The Radiance Cable Jacket by Melissa Morgan Oakes. I’ve got a cold, so there’s been a lot of knitting time, and I’ve finished the fronts and back, and am on to the sleeves.   I am so in love with the yarn and pattern.  The yarn is Berroco’s Inca Gold, a merino/silk blend that is totally yummy — it has, simultaneously, both bounce and drape, sheen and a lovely twist.  Great for next to the skin wear.

    The pattern is a lovely cable pattern with a shawl collar. I have a fairly long neck, so this kind of collar is very good.  I’ve made some modifications, which you can check on Ravelry, but on the whole, the basic pattern is quite nice.

    I’m also working on a pair of socks, but I may frog them.  The yarn is so lovely, and the improvised pattern is just ok.