2008 Stats

I never have kept a notebook of my knitting.  The best I was able to do is take a few photos of selected items, hang onto some ball bands that end up in the bottom tub of my yarn stash.

All of that changed with Ravelry.  I keep all my notes and photos there.  It makes me a bit nervous that all of it is in some place offsite (which is crazy, I know, because it’s backed up way better there than if I did it on my own).

So, for the first time ever, I can actually total up my knitting for the year.  If you want to see actual projects (you need to join Ravelry) go here.   In looking over the list, I’m glad that I haven’t gotten carpel tunnel with all the knitting that I did. I counted FOs only, even though a couple of them were started at the holidays last year.  Drum roll, please:

  • blankets/afghans 3. 2 for Afghans for Afghans, 1 for me
  • scarves – 5 – 3 for me (the only category where I knitted more than 50 percent of the items for me)
  • sweaters – 7 – 3 for Afghans for Afghans, 2 for gifts, 2 for me.
  • socks  10 Adult/Youth pairs, 12 baby pairs Many of these for Afghans for Afghans, some for me, a gift and Socks for Soldiers.
  • hats – 5 a couple of these for Lilybugs, one for the Seaman’s Institute, one a gift and one for me.
  • shawls – 3 One for me, one for Afghans for Afghans, one as a prayer shawl.
  • cat toys – 13 For the Kitty Toy Exchange on Ravelry
  • household items- 5 For me and for gifts
  • market bags – 3 A swatch turned into a market bag for me, two Monteagle bags as gifts from Mason-Dixon II
  • mittens 4 5 pairs One two pair(s) for me, others for Afghans for Afghans (I just remembered a pair I did while one a trip)
  • bracelet 1 a gift for my cousin

It’s hard to see how I will match this output until retirement.  I was working part-time for the first half of the year, so there was extra time then, and knitting has been a solace for me due to a family loss.