The Positive Thing

I’m still sick.  Yesterday things looked a bit better.  My Doc, though, said that this bug I have has a tendency to turn from sinus infection/brochitis into pneumonia.  So, good Doc that she is, she called in an antibiotic into the pharmacy so I could pick it up anytime should I need it.

This morning I missed a 7:3o am conference call — I was too tired and sick.  Yucko.  So, I caught on voice mail from work at home, talked to the church administrator about the information that we needed to trade.  I had lunch, and knew that I needed to head to the pharmacy to pick up the meds, when yet another amazing knitting friend called out of the blue to see if  I needed anything.  Thanks, Judy!  So, I got my meds without having to drive or anything.

Since I’m not otherwise productive for society, I’ve been knitting a lot.  The cardigan is almost done (I’m so glad I was beyond the cables when I got really sick) — it fits me at this high weight, so I think it’ll work:

Rad Cable 1g

And because I needed a mindless, snacky kind of knit, I did this ninepatch dishrag from the Mason Dixon Knitting blog:

Ninepatch dishrag

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Hey Renee,

Hope you are feeling much better soon. Beautiful sweater! Hope to see you at Bluebird tonite if you are feeling up to it.

let me know if you need anything.


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