The Underside of Knitting

On the health front, I’m happy to report that I am continuing to feel a lot better.

Some folks have been asking about my seaming of the Log Cabin  blanket.  In preface, I want to say that if you want good finishing information, I’d recommend Nancie Wiseman’s The Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques which is what I used for this blanket.  I made the decision early on that I would be content with small ridge seams on the back side as long as it looked neat.  I could have gone with a technique that has less of a “wrong side,” but the front side simply doesn’t look as good.

Here’s a photo showing the key techniques that I used:

log cabin detail

The easiest pieces to connect are the ones where you have two cast-off edges.  (the left-most seam shows this).  I basically do a version of the grafting stitch while ignoring the cast-off edge — there’s a slight bump, but a clean finish.

A more complicated version is when a side edge meets a cast off edge — that’s the small section to the right of the left-most center seam.  There, you have to grab into the knot of the garter edge and then go into the cast-off edge as in a usual seam.

When two side edges meet (see p 68-9in the book above), you need grab into the knot on each side. Here’s a photo of the blanket on the back side.

Log Cabin Back

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Glad to share my results – I was glad to share with folks who know how much time it takes to knit one of these!

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