Out with the Old, in with the New

I was on Ravelry and heard a horror story about someone who found their Blogger Blog had been deleted.  Gone. Zip. Never to return.  And Blogger was being very unhelpful in learning what was going on.  And so I took a look at WordPress, loved what I saw, and found a new home here with a leafy, flowery theme to go with it.

Glad you’re here, I’m off to SoCal tomorrow, will be knitting but not blogging as far as I can plan.  See you in the New Year!  One final pre-Christmas photo:  a variation on the Slouchy Copy Cat Hat.


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Blogger reserves the right to do so, and most famously once deleted a blog in its entirety belonging to–Google! The owner of Blogger. Oops.

So. Welcome to WordPress! I moved there too last year. The one thing is, you’ll find that now when you comment on blogs that don’t allow anonymous comments, Blogger, at least right now, will insist on linking you to the dead profile from your old spot. If you click on “Name” instead on a blog that does allow anonymous commenters and therefore has that option, you can fill in your name and site with what opens up and it will link properly.

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