A Bit of Frogging

So, I started on my Ravelympics socks because I was getting tired of the stockinette body of the sweater. I worked it up through the heel, took it to Knit Night, the fount of Knitterly Wisdom, and the consensus was that the sock was too small for the 7-14 age range. Seriously folks, the size charts for childrens’ socks tell you oh-so-helpfully that a shoe size of this translates to a sock measurement of that. But for those of us without specific children? None of the major charts I found were helpful in letting me know a size range for ages.

So, I frogged back to the toe, added more stitches, and I think it’ll fit a kid with a slightly smaller foot than my Ladies’ size 6. One sock done, started a bit of the toe on the next.


But now back to the cardigan. I’ve wondering how to finish this — I think I’m doing navy seed stitch at the bottom and for the bands. We’ll see now much navy is left for the neck and cuffs, but I’ve got more grey, green and yellow, so I’ll have options. In addition, since we are halfway through the Ravelympics, the feline judging has started, and I think she’s gonna be tough as those gymnastics judges:

She says that I need to add a bit more length, and to stick the edging!

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The Pace is Killing Me

No, not the knitting, trying to awatch everything on the Olympics. Since I figured out yesterday how to configure the Macbook to get the video on this NBC Olympics website, my olympics time can now happen 24/7. This is dangerous, because the NBC gymnastics commentating is so bad (uselessly chatty and way too USA-centric) that I want to watch the full comp on my computer.

Then the mens gymnastics team has to totally blow my preconceived notions that any talk of a medal was ludicrous. Wow! They looked SO good that it’s hard to realize that a couple of these guys were last minute alternates. NBC fails me again — while I understand that the East Coast times are live, we on the West Coast could have this all start one hour earlier with no problems, and I would not be going to bed at 12:15 am still not having seen the end of the gymnastics comp.

Well, there are some knitting distractions too — I’m in a lovely Kitty Toy Swap on Ravelry. I sent off the items to my partner, but we are also knitting toys for a cat shelter in Minnesota, and I couldn’t see sending a couple of toys to a shelter, so I;m knitting and stuffing 10 (at least) fish cat toys like these:

Cat Toys1

The observant among you will see a mouse — I created that myself with self-striping yarn in crochet for the last Kitty Toy Swap this past spring — may have time for a couple of those. I stuff these with premium cat nip, and this time I’ll include a bell in each as well.

and then because I go to an office now, it’s just not practical to bring the two sweaters I’m working on (yeah, I am crazy), so I’ve got leftover sock yarn for some great socks for the Ravelympics.

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