The Yarn Harlot is a Genius!

Maybe you haven’t seen this post of Stephanie Pearl McPhee. She shares a wonderful little technique of crocheting across a piece of knitting, especially useful at the back of the neck when you don’t cast off and cast on.

Not only did she share it, she also wrote and photographed a whole d@amn tutorial. Seriously, when does she sleep? She produces amazing cable sweaters with no sweat off her back, and the tutorial appears within a few days of the clamour of the blog for MORE DETAILS.

Said tutorial pushed me over the edge. Since I’ve just finished the Juliaca sweater (I literally sewed on the button yesterday that I bought at Stitches West on Saturday) in which I did not cast off for the neck and collar, I decided that I would see if it works. Now, it was a test to start, because the Harlot showed the technique with stockinette, and I was dealing with 2 by 2 ribbing. Would it work? Would it look ok?

So, here are my photos.

From the inside, it is reasonably neat:

Juliaca - neck edge2

And now for the outside:

Juliaca neck edge 3

Even though it’s ribbing, it looks ok! (and it doesn’t have to because of the fold of the collar, but isn’t it great that it does.)

And now I’m not worried that the sweater is gonna slip down!!!

3 replies on “The Yarn Harlot is a Genius!”

Renee-first, thanks for your comment on my blog! second, yes, Steph wrote a brilliant tutorial on this. I learned this technique a few months ago and was able to use it successfully with one of our customers, who was delighted.

A few tips that can help with appropriate yarns. I work PT in a knitting/needlepoint store, so I have access to pearl cotton and needlepoint wool that can be plied — sometimes those work better with this trick and it’s a smaller yarn you’re working in. Of course, if the yarn you’re working with is plied, you can pull it apart if needed too. I’m a horrible crocheter, but I can manage this lovely trick that can make the difference between frustration and triumph! cheers!!

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